How to Stop Smoking Weed

Do you want to know how to stop smoking weed or have you been wondering of how to get your dear one to stop smoking weed?

Every weed smoker knows deep down that quitting the behavior is an uphill task. You think about crossing over to the other side and enjoy the things you miss but are afraid you might fail in your attempt.

Well, many people who have successfully got over their marijuana addiction passed through moments like this. But they succeeded in the long-run, which is why you should also keep your hopes high.

how to stop smoking weed

We introduce you to one of the most helpful programs for getting over weed addiction. It is a comprehensive guide that is unique in that it doesn’t approach weed addiction the conventional way or give you empty promises. It is a program that has been proven to work.

For 10 years now the ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ has helped more than 10,000 people get over weed addiction. It can transform you from a daily weed smoker to a person who can comfortably turn down invites to get stoned.

Forget all the empty words about trusting your will power or such stories without workable solutions. This program takes you through a complete process of quitting pot in a healthy and sustainable manner. You can check the program at and be sure to find that break you have been searching for in your pursuit to cut ties with marijuana for good.

This comprehensive guide will help you to know how to stop smoking weed fast and achieve the life goals you are pursuing. Maybe you want to live a healthier life, save more finances to move ahead in life, pass an upcoming job interview, get entry into college, or pass tests for your driving license.

Whichever motivation you have for stopping your weed addiction, this guide will help you ensure that you not only stop smoking weed fast but also detoxify your body so that you can reduce those cravings that usually take you back.

You will also pass any drug tests that may be administered to you even in emergencies.

how to stop smoking weed fast

How To Quit Smoking Weed Fast: Knowledge gathering

The use of marijuana has remained incredibly popular despite it controversies regarding its recreational and medicinal value.

Many smokers struggle to quit marijuana despite many people claiming that the drug is not addictive. Weed smoking is represented extensively in popular culture and as a matter of fact, many state governments have lifted bans on the sale and use of this drug.

However, marijuana addiction is real and it can cause serious problems if it is not controlled. The process of quitting marijuana is not easy but it is nonetheless possible with the right treatment.

Upon the completion of the treatment, the addict will get to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that is free from weed addiction and abuse.

We have provided you with a step by step guide on how to stop smoking weed especially if you have been smoking weed for quite some time and you are ready to quit.

How To Stop Smoking Weed: Marijuana & Our Brain

We kick off our discussion by first understanding what weed does the brain. Drug addiction involves the brains whereby constant abuse leads to causes changes to both the structure and function of the brain. These changes are the reason why it becomes challenging for one to stop abusing drugs.

They lead to of self-control and the ability of the user to make sound decisions. They also they create a very intense impulse to take the drugs repeatedly.

This addiction may reach a point at which it is harmful whereby the user lacks control over what they are taking, doing or using. They become dependent on the drug to cope with day to day life. Soon they begin to feel guilty, hopeless, despair and sometimes humiliation and rejection.

A common perception is that drug addicted can just break free from the pot if they are only willing to change the habit. The truth is it is not just about the willpower. It is a process. People often underestimate the complexity of the addiction; they fail to recognize that it is a disease with massive impacts on the brain and treating such a disease requires more than just willpower.

Steps to Quit Weed Fast

The road towards recovery varies from one individual to the other but there are certain steps that can speed up the recovery process and increase your chances of success in sobriety. Here are important steps on how to stop smoking weed.

Admitting that there is a problem

The first step is to admit that you have problem and that you need help. This is usually not easy but it is important that you decide to get off weed and take steps towards the right direction.

Give it your all

As a general rule of thumb, the output largely depends on the input. What you will get out of the program will depend on your efforts. You can do this by working hard and avoiding being over ambitious about the process. This helps you overcome the addiction and adapt a healthy lifestyle that will clear your body system from weed.

Choose the appropriate program and get started

There is no time to waste. Once you have identified the best way to stop smoking weed, you should enroll for the program right away so that you start your journey towards recovery.

Continue with your program even after recovery to avoid a relapse

The recommended addiction treatment duration is 90 days or longer for a possibility of positive results. That duration is adequate but for those who are severely addicted or have relapsed before, they need to continue with the treatment on a long-term basis to help them maintain sobriety and avoid a relapse. They can do this by enrolling in a rehab or joining other aftercare institutions.

Change your habits to support your sobriety

Being free from marijuana requires more than just avoiding the drug. You need to build up nutritional so as to help with the withdrawal symptoms, change your company and only engage supportive sober peers, and find some other activities to do to keep you occupied and to sustain sobriety.

Always remember that this is an ongoing process

Recovery is a lifetime process that requires you to put continued efforts and having realistic goals for the process. Being actively involved in the recovery community will keep you motivated and at the same time help you are equipped with life principles such as viewing relapses as opportunities for improvement instead of regarding them as failure.

Marijuana Detox-Advanced Method: 

Ever wondered why getting weed out of your system is so difficult?
It is all because of a substance called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the active compound in marijuana and it is known for its psychoactive effects that are responsible for getting you high.

Repeated use of marijuana will increase THC levels in the blood substantially. While getting THC into your system is fairly simple, getting it out is a totally different story.

Unlike the majority of other drugs, THC is stored in fat cells, which means it takes longer for it to be cleared out of the body. Studies have showed that some body parts retain THC even for three months after one consumes marijuana.

Many other drugs, including alcohol, will stay in the body for only a couple of days because they are water soluble. This brings us to the importance of the marijuana detox offer by as part of the Quit Weed Complete Guide.
Detoxing is the process of getting rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body. The body naturally has physiological functions that clean toxins including those associated with THC.

However, since you are aiming at finding the best way to stop smoking weed, supporting your body using a marijuana detox is an effective way of cleaning your body and stopping your weed addiction fast.

Why do you need a Marijuana detox?

Detoxing will provide a way of getting rid of THC that has accumulated after many years of using marijuana. Detoxing can be done anywhere between the first few days and few weeks of sobriety. It sets the beginning of a new life of reality that is free from a numbing agent.
THC will remain in your body for varying period of time depending on different factors like:

The frequency of consumption: How often you consume weed determines the level of THC on your system. Do smoke daily, once a week, several times a month, or occasionally? The more frequent you intake week, the more amount of THC trapped in your body’s fatty tissue.

Total body fats: It is obvious that the more fatty tissue one has, the more THC they have deposited in the fat cells.

how to quit smoking weed

Metabolism and general health: How healthy you are also has a stake in the amount of THC in your body. As general sense, the healthier you are the lesser the chances of having big amounts of fat in your body, which means lesser THC stored.

What you are taking i.e. flowers vs. concentrates: The substance you take as well as its quality will greatly affect the level of THC stored in the body. If you take top shelf flower, man you need serious marijuana detox. The good news is the Quit Marijuana complete guide gives all you need in a single package.

What about the effects of THC withdrawal?

Different people experience different effects of quitting pot. Some effects are physical while others are physiological. Many users of the Quit Marijuana Complete Program only report slight physical discomfort in the beginning which is natural.

What you get in the ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack

The pack comes with four main items.

Quit Marijuana – Video Program

Created by Seb Grant (stopped smoking weed in a heartbeat after being addicted for 13 years), this video program contains 7 modules that serve different purposes. It is designed to take you from being a heavy weed smoker to a non-smoker quickly and smoothly.

A bonus disc is provided to further support you in your journey of quitting weed smoking. This disc contains an enlightening 27-minute interview with Seb Grant about the Psychology of Success.

Quit Weed Timeline

This guide provides real-life solutions as well as what to expect after the first 30 days of quitting weed smoking.

This is provided as a final taker bonus although it was originally billed at $67. This is something you definitely want in your arsenal. Tristan Weatherburn has put together hundreds of ‘quit weed journals’ shared by successful weed quitters.

Reading these journals will help you to know exactly what to expect in your journey during and after you quit pot. According to the majority of users, after following this 30-day guide one is able to live a life weed-free.

Natural Marijuana Detox

With your body having gotten used to weed, the THC compound has been getting stored in your body. You need to clean the compound off your body to ensure that you will not be experiencing cravings every now and then. The natural marijuana detox program guides you on how to quit weed for good from a person who has done it many times and knows that detoxing is just as important as stopping the actual smoking act.


The quit weed program helps you to stop smoking marijuana in a sustainable way. It helps you to defuse your psychological addition to weed and banish your cravings for the same. You get to know how to get sleep naturally without having to smoke weed.

The guide offers solutions that actually work, providing science-based results. In addition, you get to know of the things you should do and not do when trying to stop your marijuana addiction.

The marijuana detox program is aimed at helping you know how to cleanse your body. Past users have liked the lung cleansing course, especially. Lung cleansing is vital for larger lung capacity and healthier breathing.

Should you have any questions, need help or any kind of support, a 24/7 personal email is provided for your sake.

100% Money Back Guarantee

One thing that stands out about this program is its reputation of effectiveness. 10,000 people and still counting!!
There is no doubt this is the closest you have ever come to a real, working solution on how to stop smoking weed.
Using the guide is a risk-free option bearing in mind that you get a full 60-day money back guarantee. This shows a lot of confidence in the product.

You purchase ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide’ knowing that your money cannot be lost. In the event that you are not satisfied with the program, or if it is delivered in a state that you do not like, you can ask to be given your money back. Just email Tristan and you will receive help in whatever you need.

Best Tips to Help You Stop Smoking Weed Naturally

The decision to stop smoking weed is usually impulsive for many individuals. If you have smoked pot long enough, you probably have plenty of memories where you did something and swore to yourself to stop your weed smoking habit going forward.

Maybe you lost a relationship, a job, or other opportunity to get better due to your weed smoking habit and you knew for sure quitting it was the best thing for you. But you are here now because it never happened. You haven’t gotten over the habit.

There is a way out of anything at the end of the day if you keep pushing. Below are 9 tips to not only help you stop smoking weed but also be able to stay away from it.


Distract yourself from wanting to smoke weed

Doing something else whenever the desire to get stoned comes up is a simple and effective way of controlling your cravings. Is there something you have always wanted to do but never started or finished because of your marijuana smoking habit? Take a hobby, start a DIY project, just find a healthy replacement activity. This will help you to avoid feeling down and depressed momentarily when you stop smoking pot.


Do exercise/physical activity

Physical exercise helps with many things. With regard to quitting weed smoking, exercise alleviates symptoms of depression, boosts mood, and improves your mental health. Physical activity takes the mind off desires for addictive habits, including smoking weed. It also helps you to develop some discipline, which is important throughout the process of adopting and maintaining a marijuana-free life.


Avoid idleness

Since idleness is one of the major reasons people take up the habit of smoking weed, avoiding it can be a way out. Involve your mind with better things that rebuild your mind and body. Have an active social life, so that you can have more activities to do and avoid being alone for most of the time. As you do so, avoid places and people that can bring back the memories of getting stoned.
You may have many helpful structures to help you quit smoking weed but if you don’t make maximum use of your time all those structures could just be a waste.


Have a strong support system

When you are trying to make important lifestyle changes it is essential to have a network of individuals that encourage and motivate you. The network should help you stay away from marijuana, so they must be non-smokers. In addition to helping you starve yourself off marijuana, a trustworthy group of friends will encourage you incorporate good habits that will make quitting weed easier.


Minimize withdrawal effects

Not considering the withdrawal stage is one of the reasons people go back to smoking pot after trying to quit the habit for a few days. How long you have consumed marijuana determines the intensity of withdrawal effects. If you are a light smoker, you can go cold turkey (stop abruptly) on weed and probably not experience any withdrawal symptoms. If you a heavy, seasoned stoner, however, it is highly likely that your body is kind of accustomed to THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) and you will experience withdrawal challenges.
Tapering is a recommended method of quitting marijuana especially for heavy smokers. You reduce the portions of weed you smoke gradually until you are completely clear of it.
omentarily when you stop smoking pot.


Know how to react to your urges

The craving for pot will definitely come up pretty often. Here are things you can do to avoid giving up to the urge to smoke.

  • Change your environment immediately
  • Find a substitute; for example, put something else that’s not a drug in your mouth. It could be a pen, sugarless gum, a diet drink, or a straw.
  • Breathe deeply until you feel calm
  • Drink water – it will help you to stay hydrated and help with fighting your smoking urges.


Destroy all of your supplies

If you really want something, you want it near you. On the other hand, you would get rid of anything that you don’t want. Now you really want to stop smoking marijuana, and you will succeed if you throw out all your smoking supplies. If you have a dealer or friend who makes it easier for you to get weed, delete their number. Getting rid of everything that encourages your smoking habit will make it harder for you to start smoking again.


Celebrate small victories

Many people take a month or so to quit smoking weed. But just like quitting any other habit, that month can seem like decades. Encourage yourself along the way by throwing for yourself small celebrations weekly or fortnightly. Knowing you have a reward or something to look forward to can help you greatly to stay-on track.


See a therapist

It could be that there are underlying issues that drive you to your weed use. For example, depression and anxiety has been identified as top causes of drug abuse. Talking to a professional about such issues can help you quit smoking weed. It would be even better if you found a therapist that specializes in addiction issues. Talk therapy as well as cognitive-behavior therapy are the most common kinds for quitting pot addition.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack

Quitting marijuana is not a simple task even with knowledge and tips at the tip of your fingers. With a program that incorporates the knowledge and tips into real-world solutions, however, it becomes easier for you to stop smoking weed and start living the life you desire. Such a program is ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’.
‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ comes with quit marijuana audios, quit weed videos, marijuana detox, and quit marijuana timeline. The guide takes you through every step of quitting your smoking habits so that you don’t have to remember every useful tip you’ve come across. It has been designed to guide and motivate you with content of different kinds. Whatever you need or want to know, including ways of getting THC out of your body, you can find it in the quit marijuana complete pack.
The product is currently highly discounted and comes with many bonuses. Seb Grant’s mission is to help as many people as possible get out of weed addiction. Over 10,000 people have found the product useful for the last 10 years. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the product. Now, the question is: Do you want to stop smoking weed? Are you tired of trying to quit marijuana because every method you try fails? All hope is not lost. Purchase ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ today and you will be happy you did not give up on yourself.

Marijuana Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

Preparing for withdrawal is essential when one decides to quit smoking weed. Many withdrawal signs and symptoms are temporary and will start occurring 1 to 3 days after you quit the habit. For individuals who’ve smoked pot for a long time, the symptoms may take up to 2 weeks to level off. Most people with mild marijuana dependency can stop using it easily on their own or with just a little help. On average, the effects of marijuana withdrawal last for about 5 days.
The withdrawal period for marijuana is a bit longer than that for other drugs. This is because delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main ingredient in pot, can stay in the body for several weeks. For many other drugs, the body takes only a few hours to flush them out.
Below are the most common signs and symptoms of marijuana withdrawal. When you stop smoking weed you may experience these withdrawal effects in your own unique way depending on how long you’ve used it, the frequency, as well as the amounts you have been taking each time.
Marijuana withdrawal signs and symptoms


Sleeplessness – You may experience difficulty sleeping from the first day you quit smoking marijuana. It helps to avoid taking caffeine the first few days to lessen the possibility and intensity of this effect.


Decreased appetite – At first, you may feel nauseated, and then experience loss of appetite that is not associated with weight loss. Eating foods that go easy on the stomach (for example bananas, toast, rice, apples and oatmeal) can really help to get over this symptom.


Physical symptoms – withdrawal may be accompanied by at least one physical symptom such as headache, sweating, fever, chills, abdominal pain and tremors or shakiness.


Irritability and aggressiveness – Withdrawal may cause some mood swings that make you become angry quicker or more prone to emotional expression like crying. Knowing this ahead of time, you can prepare for it. Whenever such episodes come take a breath and a step back. Acknowledge what is happening and remind yourself that it’s just the withdrawal messing you up a little bit and the unusual expressions are not you. It might not be easy but you have to keep reminding yourself this as much as you need and you will get over your weed addiction successfully.


Anxiety and depression – Generally, anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom that comes with quitting any drug. You feel out of sorts and in worse cases on edge when you cannot get what you were used to. In such moments, it helps to remember that withdrawal is only temporary.
In addition to anxiety, heavy marijuana users may experience feelings of depression. If you have smoked pot for more than six months and you probably take it at least once a day, you need to have a well thought-out quit weed program (the ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ is recommended) and a strong support network. You also need a reliable marijuana detox guide – we discuss this shortly below.

Individuals attempting to quit using marijuana can benefit greatly from supportive programs and detox treatment. A great program or guide should help one to monitor withdrawal symptoms and make the user feel more comfortable about the journey they have embarked on.

How do you know you need detox for marijuana withdrawal?

Long-term marijuana users may find the withdrawal experience uncomfortable. Marijuana detox helps one to slowly ease off of THC until it is completely eliminated from the body system. Detox also helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms thus making it easier for even highly addicted individuals to make full about turn in their weed smoking habits (avoiding relapse).
There are other instances where one needs a marijuana detox program. One, if you have a mental disorder for which you use marijuana, detox sets the groundwork for proper treatment of both the disorder and marijuana addiction. Two, if you have tried many times to quit marijuana but never succeeded, a detox guide will help you overcome withdrawal effects so that this attempt to taper off marijuana actually goes through. Finally, if you aren’t living in a marijuana-free environment, it might be very difficult for you to overcome weed addiction. With a detox program, however, you create for yourself a safe and comforting environment for sobering up.
How about you consider one of the best programs for quitting marijuana. ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ is designed by an enthusiastic ex-stoner who is also passionate about helping as many people as possible quit smoking weed for their own good.
‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ comes with audios, videos, and comprehensive text guides to help you all along the way as you stop smoking marijuana. While it is not a medical treatment, the guide follows basic principles of marijuana addiction treatment. It gives you direction and motivation from the very first day you stop using weed to the day you are proudly completely free of it. What’s more, the videos provide you with real-world solutions that have already been tested and proven to work by over 10,000 people who have managed to come clean on marijuana using the guide.
It is 10 years now since the first marijuana smoker successfully quit weed using ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’. You can rest assured that the product has passed the test of time and presents a real solution to your weed addiction problem.
Is it a more energetic life you aim at, greater self-confidence, more productivity, financial stability, educational excellence, career progression or just being a good sibling or parent? You so badly want to change your life for the better. Getting addicted to marijuana has drained you off financially, emotionally, socially and even professionally. It is time to get over it and give yourself the best that you deserve.
Quitting marijuana will give you the chance to become more responsible and set you in the right direction to progress in your life. And the good thing is that you don’t have to try quitting on your own now. ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ is just a click away at a very affordable price. See more details about the guide and current purchase offers at You can do this. Regardless of how long you have smoked pot or used marijuana in other ways, the quit marijuana pack offers you robust support to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Is it a more energetic life you aim at, greater self-confidence, more productivity, financial stability, educational excellence, career progression or just being a good sibling or parent? You so badly want to change your life for the better. Getting addicted to marijuana has drained you off financially, emotionally, socially and even professionally. It is time to get over it and give yourself the best that you deserve.
Quitting marijuana will give you the chance to become more responsible and set you in the right direction to progress in your life. And the good thing is that you don’t have to try quitting on your own now. ‘Quit Marijuana The Complete Pack’ is just a click away at a very affordable price. See more details about the guide and current purchase offers at You can do this. Regardless of how long you have smoked pot or used marijuana in other ways, the quit marijuana pack offers you robust support to ensure that you achieve your goals.